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Natalie x

Friday, 11 July 2008


Younger than me and very talented for what she does, the remarakable Charlotte Liddle, who came away with an Honours degree in Textiles from Huddersfield is a big inspiration on me! Guess, with having studies textiles myself I truly understand the hard work that goes into such a degree. Textiles are something quite unique and special no matter who makes things. We can all make textiles in some form. I saw some projects done by Charlotte Liddle a few months ago (pictures shown) and fell in love with her notebook and badges she created. I adore the textile feel to them and the colours are just remarkable. Charlotte was and stil is the reason for me making my own peg bag. I have just found out from Feejay 9crafts Beautiful Member) that Charlottle did a peg bag project in an issue of CB, so I am going off to find it and have a re-look at it and see what to do with my peg bag next. x x x

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