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Monday, 21 April 2008

My Paintings

Not only am I a Card Maker but, also am an Artist! I have been an artist for over 3 years and have been painting since I was very young! Painting is another passion of mine and is something my husband and I have in common! Infact, we met in his art shop on the coast of Fife, Pittenweem (lovely picturesque fishing village). Every year there is what's called the "Pittenwweem Arts Festival" and, both DH and I have been showing our work over the last few years.

Above is one of my many paintings. This small painting is a abstract of a seascape where I have splattered a handfull of sequins and beads to create sparkles . The paints used are pearlescent acrylics, these are just BEAUTIFUL to work with.

Shown above and below is another painting of mine which I painted last year for the Pittenweem Arts Festival. Here I have used Rembrandt Watercolours. Even though this took forever to produce I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and I am very pleased with the results. Painting flowers is one of my favourite subjects. I could spend many many many hours painting flowers....... Pictured below, is more of a close up!

This is a tonal sketch of a Stargazer lily which I did last year also. This was also very therapeutic to compose also. I use to to do many tonal sketches many years ago and decided to start doing them again which I am glad I did as it gives you a feel for light and dark shades. This helps when coming to work with colour!

Hope you enjoy looking at these works of mine. Just something a little different for you all to see.