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Friday, 16 May 2008

Rory and His Diary

"Here we both are; having yummy scrummy crispie cereal with Josh! Josh LOVED joining me having breakfast but, I certainly was not looking forward to going back to Nursery. I wanted to stay with Josh for we had load of fun!" (boooohooooo!) xxx

Rory and His Diary

Here is Rorys' Diary and this is Rorys' Story of the time spent at Josh Wallaces' House!

Rory and His Diary

Look what came home on Wednesday with Josh from Rainbow Nursery! Rory the Teddy Bear! Rory and his Diary came home with Josh for a very interesting reason......! The Nursery have this regime when a child has been REALLY GOOD they get to take Rory home and Rory has to write a story about his time spent with the child! How sweet is this????

So, when Josh came home and I was told about Rory I praised my son with big big big cuddles and xxxs and felt a wee tear in my eye because I had heard that Josh had been so exceptionally good on Wednesday. Rory and Josh had a very busy Wednesday evening so, I got started on my writing for Rorys' Diary explaining his time so far with Josh. Then DH wrote the rest of Rorys' Story on Thursday night before returning to Rainbow Nursery. Rory got shown how to go the toilet, went to bed with Josh and his bali (comforter), watched The Simpsons, got to have a trip out in our new jeep while Daddy had to do a few work things dropping framing work off to customers, had breakfast with Josh, had stories with Josh and had to put up with Josh being very naughty over lunch on the Thursday!

This Rory Teddy and His Diary are such a terrific idea for the Nursery Children I thought. Think Josh was not really looking forward to Rory not coming bck home with him this evening! But, I had said to Josh that Rory needs to go back ready to go on to the next Good Child!

DMC Prize Won

Above shows the 2 Mini cross stitch kits that I also received as part of the DMC Prize! Aren't they just heavenly?????

I am very much looking forward to starting these gorgeous cross stitch kits......but, while I type this out I am thinking that I shall maybe give oi]ne of the mini kits to my Mum, for she enjoys cross stitch too and she works on them faster than I do. I certainly am such a very Lucky Lady to have won this dear prize and shall thank the magazine (once I find the right issue and magazine). Can not believe that I have no idea how I won this beautiful prize!


DMC Prize Won

Bunny and it's chart are raring for me to start on the cross stitch, as you can see!
The designs shown are just a couple to help get me started but, I can do whatever I wish to personalize the Bunny. I think I shall just do what has been put in the kit so it does not get too confusing for me! As you can see the designs look lovely and cute. I am going to do this for my beautiful daughter Ava! Feel that she will appreciate this when she is older. It will also look lovely in her nursery room! I am ever so pleased that I have won this DMC prize! I just had to share my great news with you all! It's ever so exciting when you win something and when it comes through the door, and you forgot what you did to win such a prize, it's all overwhelming!

DMC Prize Won

Also trough the door this morning from the postman was a very BIIIGGGGGG! SURPRISE!

I was honoured and excited to find that I had won the DMC Prize from a Giveaway form in a magazine (can not remeber which one it was but, I am off on te hunt to find out which one later on). I was like.......Uhhhhh! I do not understand! What did I do to get awarded his prize????

Well, the prize is pictured here: a lovely Somebunny to Love Cross Stitch Teddybear for which you personalize! And, 2 small Floral Mini Kit Cross Stitch kits. I am over the moon to have received this wonderful prize and am ver much looking forward to getting started on all cross stitch kits.

RAK Card from Delia

This morning I was feeling really quite happy and, then when the postman came I found to my surprise and delight that someone had sent me a card! I did not know who it was that it sent it, thought it might have been a letter from a pen-pal I know called Debbie! However, it turned out to be the most "Beautiful" Bearix Potter Deoupage card created by the lovely Delia (Dee Snr!)...............This was so very kind of you thanks and, I shall treasure this lovely card! having had an ickle conversation with Louise (pinkpuppy) on the forum this afternoon about the card and the Beatrix Potter House it has brought to my attention that this is a place we should visit with Ava when she is older and will enjoy it! The Lae District is a very memorable pat time of mine as my Grandpa lived down there when he was alive. We travelled down to Windermere and visited my Grandpa on many many occassions and we visited many a place or two in the Lake District........It's now making me think abut "Swallows and Amazons" does anone remeber that programme????? Bet twiggypeasticks will know what I am talking let me know if you do!

What a Gem Delia is and I take this wonderful opportunity to thank you ever so much for such a gorgous card and, yet so different to everythin else around here on the forum!.Looking forward to seeing more of your decoupage creations.