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Friday, 16 May 2008

Rory and His Diary

Look what came home on Wednesday with Josh from Rainbow Nursery! Rory the Teddy Bear! Rory and his Diary came home with Josh for a very interesting reason......! The Nursery have this regime when a child has been REALLY GOOD they get to take Rory home and Rory has to write a story about his time spent with the child! How sweet is this????

So, when Josh came home and I was told about Rory I praised my son with big big big cuddles and xxxs and felt a wee tear in my eye because I had heard that Josh had been so exceptionally good on Wednesday. Rory and Josh had a very busy Wednesday evening so, I got started on my writing for Rorys' Diary explaining his time so far with Josh. Then DH wrote the rest of Rorys' Story on Thursday night before returning to Rainbow Nursery. Rory got shown how to go the toilet, went to bed with Josh and his bali (comforter), watched The Simpsons, got to have a trip out in our new jeep while Daddy had to do a few work things dropping framing work off to customers, had breakfast with Josh, had stories with Josh and had to put up with Josh being very naughty over lunch on the Thursday!

This Rory Teddy and His Diary are such a terrific idea for the Nursery Children I thought. Think Josh was not really looking forward to Rory not coming bck home with him this evening! But, I had said to Josh that Rory needs to go back ready to go on to the next Good Child!


twiggypeasticks said...

That is very sweet, Josh is a real cutie. He has a look of my little Twiglet, I'm going to post a pic of him on Monday - for his birthday - just you take a look hun and see if you can spot the similarity.
Twiggy x

Lollies said...

Sounds Just Lovely!! Glad Josh had a great time with Rory