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If you like anything taht you see on my Blog here please do not hesitate to contact me through the Blog just by posting one of my Posts. If you have a specific card you want making or just want a general card and leave the rest to me I can easily do Both.


Natalie x

Friday, 4 July 2008


I know I'm doing it again!!! Just a small peek of my
handcrafted Bookmark for Julys Swap based on the theme of "Fashion". The lovely Sarah-Louise
Mitchell is hosting this months so, have sent her a RAK of thanks!
My handcrafted bookmark started of with a plan of what it was I wanted to do but, not long before finishing it, it enveloped into something else! Something quite simple & beautiful too which, got me very I await to see what Sarah thinks as, my July Bookmark is on it's way to the beautiful host as I sit here and type.
Really enjoyed creating this last night, took me an hour to do! Now, it's given me an idea for the Vanity Challenge, as not started that yet. It is next on my list once done my craft pen pals birthday card - birthday next Tuesday (blingqueen).
Thanks for Peeking
Natalie x

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Quilled Handbag

Quilling Masterclass

I have been reading my Papercraft Essentials issue 31 magazine last night and this morning and had found the great masterclass on quiling very interesting. Jut llok at this Wedding Cake with the quilled flowers, isn't it just beautiful! This is just one of many of the quilled sample cards they have featured in their masterclass pages. Now, I really fancy a go! Once upon a time I did try my hand at Quilling but, it was so long ago and these beautiful cards I've seen have now inspired me. The only thing is, I don't have any spending money to start myself off yet, so will be going on my Wish List amongst other things! (Instsructions are above, if you are unable to purchase the mag.).

Natalie x

Dragonflies & Butterflies

These are a couple of my recent new cards that I have been making over the last few weeks! Loving my punches just now as my creative mind is working overtime with my punches available to me. Been using my inspiration of layering papers here and feel I have captured great depth and mouthwatering colours. Eager to make so much more now....!

Dragonflies & Butterflies

Address for Winning Sissix

Here is a photo with a note of the address to send your entries to for the chance to win this wonderful sissix machine!

Want to Win a Sissix ??

Do you fancy winning one of these Sissix machines? Well, if the answer is YES! you want to get crafting........I saw this article of a competition to win in my purchase of Papercraft Essentials Issue 31. To win it all you need to do is create a card for any occassion using only Pink & Black ! and post it. Haven't got the address to hand but, shall post that later on. I am going to have a go but, really just for the fun of it as, i see this as a challenge! Goodluck to anone who gives ita bash!

Natalie x x

A Busy Bee Crafting

For the last couple of weeks I have been keeping myself busy with my card/atc/rak & bookmark making. Below, is a quick ATC that I made before heading off to bed! used my Amy butler paper as you can very well see. Only took 10 minutes. Also started one of my Bird/Song titles ATC and got finished but, not posting till much later on.

Thanx for looking x

A Busy Bee Crafting

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Josh & Ava Brooke

My two Little Angels: Josh and Ava Brooke! Last week I had the most spectacular day spent with my son and daughter. We seem to be having some great days when Josh is off Nursery and has 2 days a week at home with me and his sister. We have recently though, found our Local Pittechar Park......duhhhhh! that's taken me like aaaaaages to find! Well, it was worth the late find and probably better that way now that summer has approached. Josh LOVES the park and utterly adores the SWINGS. Yesterday (Tuesday 1st July) Josh sat & swung on the one swing for at least 30 minutes. He thoroughly enjoyed himself as you can imagine! Kids are great! And I'm really enjoying "My Time" with Josh and Ava just now as right now I feel like the months are passing far too quickly, nevermind Days! Above is a piccie of my two beautiful Jewells from last week! Hope you like

x x

My New Makes

Below are some samples of my newest makes that I have made most recently.
This seems to be my new of working when I get creative but, am now wanting to try something new. I have been enjoying the pleasure of using my famous punches that I was not using for a while and, now seem to have found a vey interesting way of using them. Layering papers has been very intruiging for me and the build up of various patterns and colours has been my inspiration lately. Having studied a Textiles course down in the Borders, I am use to working with many colours together and creating something with variety. I feel that these samples of my handcrafted cards and ATCS achieves these factors.

Thanks for looking x

My New Makes

Papercraft Essentials Issue 30

Another magazine that I enjoy reading is my Papercraft Essentails Magazine! I went to post a RAK, a letter to a craft pen pal and my July Card Swap today and, while in RSMcColls (Post Office is within here) it just so happened that I spotted the next issue of Papercraft Essentials (Issue 30) and I HAD to buy it no matter what ! ! I have included pictures of it as it may draw you into buying it, maybe not! I don't know. There is a pic to show some of the Free papers you get with this issue plus a picture of one of the templates used for one of the projects inside this months issue. I have still to read this magazine as I have not had the chance to do so yet. So, this will be my bed reading for tonight, or at least I'll start it. I want to go start something else first before heading off to bed. Happy Reading if you purchase this yourself!

Sequin x

July Card Swap

I know that this irritates some of you when I do this but, it's will be interesting for you and will make you wondr what the rest looks like and you'll want to see the whole card sooner than your mind knows. But, here it is, a Sneaky preview peek of my July Card Swap.

The theme for this months Card Swap is "Thank You - Floral". I used some wrapping paper and used my famous flower Woodware punch! That's all I'll say for now! Sorry to do this to you but, I really need to blog what I can for now!

Natalie (Sequin)*

x x x

July Card Swap

What a Surprise!!

WOW!!! What a Surprise I got the other week when the Postman dropped in a small envelope that I just knew was from someone on the Crafts Beautiful Forum. To my surprise and wonderful delight it was a very generous and stunning ATC and RAK from the most lovely. friendly and caring Rachael Humphrey (rachaelsian). What a gorgeous flower ATC and the RAK of floral paper, sequins, beads and ribbon....ohhhhh and Buttons too! that she thoughtfully sent me. I was overjoyed and what a smile it put on my face too. Thanks again Racheal for the beautiful RAK and ATC.

What a Surprise!!

What a Surprise I got the other week to find that the postman delivered

June Bookmark Swap

Below is my Bookmark creation for the June Swap with the theme of Love! The lovely Magz (maggief2) was the lucky lady to have this bookmark! Delighted to know who has it though! Been wondering who was going to get it.

I used some wrapping paper for this along with some brown scrapbooking paper and place on both sides of all the hearts. I used punched out butterlies and hearts and, created them to be 2 dimensional by attaching with sticky foam pads. These I had made a repitition of all over the entire bookmark and glued on a flower sequin to each butterfly and heart just to add that little bit of subtle sparkle! I then finished off with piercing a hole through the top of the top heart and tied with pink satin ribbon.

Natalie (Sequin) *

June Bookmark Swap

Not Been Blogging

Hello All! Well, I have not been on here for a while so thought I would do a quick bit of blogging.

I apologise for not being around here for a while but, it's been busy weeks, not just days!
The month of June is a hectic month for me what with 3 Birthdays. My 2 sisters and darling husbands 30th! Been quite manic but, it has been very enjoyable yet, exhausting. Thanx to my cardmaking I have managed to keep myself busy doing some cards and ATC swaps. I finally made the plunge and signed up for a few more swaps; July Card Swap & August Tag Swap. I have also set up my own challenge for Crafts Beautiful members to take part in, in the Craft Challenge Thread titled A New Challenge! What a response I have got too from starting it off! Really delighted to have started it now for, it seems to be getting everyone's creative minds working! I have also managed to make a few RAKs for some CB members too and enjoyed doing so!

Now, I have to start thinking about setting up the August Bookmark Swap.....ohhhhh! What themes shall I choose....????????

Sequin x