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Natalie x

Friday, 2 May 2008

My Precious Jewell Ava

I just wanted to share the most cute photos I took of my precious jewell of a daughter, Ava! I am one to be found clicking my camera away and, have been enjoying doing so recently since Ava has been born! I just love this photo pictured above! Ava had not long had a feed and was then on her mat for a kick about while I snapped away! She did not mind it at all! Very photogenic, just like her brother!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Family Time

Recently, after giving birth to my precious jewell, Ava Brooke, life has turned into more havoc and created so much more happiness beyond belief!

Incredibly enough, Josh has been put through so much change and yet taken it all in his stride even though he has encountered some difficult new changes that he is recently adjusting to! I really do feel for my first grown up into a 3 yr old (who really seems to act like a 18 yr old). I am so very proud of my Josh! He has the most calming and laid back aura to him and, is popula with EVERYONE! Josh, though has been going through the terrible 2's, at a later stage and has been gaining very many Black Marks due to naughtiness! Having introduced these and gold stars Josh is now settling down a lot more and, is showing his great adjustment to the arrival of his little sister. Whom, he is very loving towards and very protective and caring of also. Seeing them together is a truely special and most rewarding, after having gone through 9 months of pregnancy and different births with the two of them! Pregnancy and childbirth are significant in life and, is the BESt thing you can ever do in Life!

Not only has this been a change in our life but, we have our business here at home now after sellin our art shop last year in september. We moved house in mid-december. We were putting Josh to bed in a proper bed not long after moving. We were a family of 3 soon to become 4! And, daddy was and stil is a VERY VERY VERY busy hardworking Daddy! With all of this and now, new things happening.....the dreaded Toilet is moving fast and things are hard!

I am finding it hard to be doing everything right now around the house, even though Paul is doing his bits that we all appreciate! DH is a Hardworking Man and can never fault him with this! He is nearly always working, going out or has things to do here and there that, we do not see him very much! I take care of Josh and Ava during the day together 2-3 days of the week and it is hard work, especially when Josh is being very naughty! Sometimes I can not cope and other times I's all about staying positive and not letting it get to me, because of this I am now managing to pull through the hard times I am experiencing when Paul is not around! Todaqy, has been a good day.....and feel I have accomplished something good and strong in myself!

x :0)

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Finally Made A Start

Fantastic news for all you obsessed crafters! I've managed to make a start to a little crafting today, since Ava first appeared into our lives! maybe it was only 10 minutes that I did my crafting for but, I got 2 ATCs made for Special Friends! I would have posted the phtos but, the battery has died on me so, will have to wait till tomorrow or friday now until I get round to posting the piccies of them! I have to admit that I really enjoyed making them even though it was a weasley 10 minutes of crafting time. I had a wonderful time doing so and felt the benefit of it afterwards. Not too long after this, I did a little more of my letter writing as I have 3 or 4 letters to reply to from Craft Pen Pals! One of which is taking me some time to finish but, hey ho! Will get there eventually! At least I managed to make a start to my crafting again!

x x x

Susie's Blog Candy

Susie has left a post on her Blog informing us all of a Blog Candy that she is doing. She has asked us to link her Blog to our own Blog along with writing a post of her Candy letting everyone know what she is up to! On top of this we then need to post her a comment on the particular post she has announced her Candy!

To be in with a chance of winning her BlogCandy PLEASE do go visit her wonderful colourful Blog! Do ot miss out on it ladies!!!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Yay! I've Finally done it

I am so very proud of myself as I have just figured out for myself how to add all you other Crafts Beauiful members (bloggers) to my Blog. Many of you will be pleased to be added to my blog!

Still more to add so, if your not on it yet do not PANIC! You'll soon be added! I'm just so pleased that i've managed to add on any.