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If you like anything taht you see on my Blog here please do not hesitate to contact me through the Blog just by posting one of my Posts. If you have a specific card you want making or just want a general card and leave the rest to me I can easily do Both.


Natalie x

Friday, 15 February 2008

As you will have seen already on the forum, this is my very First Bookmark made in my life. I really enjoyed making this and seeing the dimensions appear as created it using patterned 12x12 papers, variety of ribbons (in thickness width and finish), titching on transparent floral sequins with tiny green beads, punched daisy flowers (raised with foam pads and punched out patterned butterflies! I had drawn out a template of a shape using spare patterned paper then cut out two pieces of card using the template. I then cut out my chosen paper and stuck down with double sided tape. then took my small heart punch and punched a heart out on both pieces to leave a heart hole. I stuck the two pieces together using double sided tape again after I added on all my detail mentioned in the beginning of my process. Go on have a's Great Fun Ladies.

My Craft Haven

This here is my wonderful relaxing Craft Haven of a studio.
I tend to be in here most of my time when my little boy is sleeping, when I get some "me" time and when I get the chance. It is absolutely full of stuff but, it is all ithin arms reach and I feel at my most relaxed in here. Love my studio and Love haveing so much fun designingmy own one off individual and unique cards in My World that sparkles with th many boxes of sequins and beads that surround me.
What a joy it is to relax in here after a hard days work or even when I get stressed or annoyed, as it reliefs the feeling. I like the fact I am tucked away from everything and I can just close the wardrobe doors when I am done. Luckily, My son does not TOUCH a thing in my studio. He does not go anywhere near it actually.Think he knows in his head how dear and precious my cardmaking is to me.

My Craft Haven

Here is a stack of, not all, my craft magazines collected over the years piled in my craft sudio (a wardrobe). I justcan not live without my CB and Q&C magazines, don't really know what I would do without them.
The are like my Second Bible to me!......

Thursday, 14 February 2008

My Little Boy Josh

Thought you may like to see a pic of my little darling boy, born 27th April 2005. He is called Josh Douglas Alistair Wallace and he is an agel but, can be real stroppy when he wants to be! This is him at our old house, in Leven (Fife) in our bed. Daddy took some photo while I was elsewhere.........where was I wonder???????? He is very much his Daddys' double too!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

2007 Xmas Cards

This is the first of all my 2007 xmas cards that I made to relax me after a days work.
I did half and half - 8x xmas cards on black card & 8x xmas cards on white - and then found myself making more up to 24 cards i mad in total.
Hope you like these and enjoy looking at these other creations I have made.

2007 Xmas Cards

This was one of my Xmas Card designsfrom last year and, just thought I would let you see them. These took some time but, it was a very enjoyable and fascinating project and, it relaxed me after a hard days work.

Butterfly Card

This was one design of a Butterfly Card and made about 16x of these to say Thanx to all those who attended my Hen Night, last year in February 2007. I loved creating these as it involved careful thought and attention to detail. Stitching the sequins and gold beads creates individuality. I love the way te butterflies are raised. The stamping of the butterfly image onto paper, helps withstand the dimension of the wings.

New Card of Flowers

This is one of my latest cards, made fr a craft pen pal of mine. I have used a variety of pink ribbons here along with a sequined flower ribbon bought from MeiFlower. I stitched on the dark pink ribbon with gold thread using flower sewins and green beads. I titched on the sequined ribbon , again with gold metallic thread, and floral transparent sequins. I then punched out floral paper hearts out of m stash of 12x12 papers and attched with small foam pads. On top of eac 3 of these I attached my own 3x wire shaped flowers with uhu! Then finished off with a pink bow, stitched on along with a green bead.

Here to the left is a close up of the card above. I just hope my craft pen pal likes it when she receives it as, I thoroughly enjoyed creating this card.