I make handcrafted cards on Commission so, all Commissions are very welcome.

If you like anything taht you see on my Blog here please do not hesitate to contact me through the Blog just by posting one of my Posts. If you have a specific card you want making or just want a general card and leave the rest to me I can easily do Both.


Natalie x

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Flower Cards

Here's a coule of my cards using Amy Butler floral fabrics. These were very simple to make and good fun. The Green Bead on the left card is truly gorgeous and felt it worked well with the fabric.

This is a painting of mine that I produced manyyears ago and sold 2 years ago at the Pittenweem Arts Festival, in Fife! Watercolour painting is a medim I majored in until I discovered Oils. Looking back at this Lily watercolour painting I fancy getting back into it and bringing the technique into my cardmaking.
This is just an example of my painting style.

Friday, 8 February 2008

It will be the April Issue Now...was too late

Well I was too late with sending in this card but was not notified of this so the card displayed above will be seen in the April issue out 7h March. aww well....

Fabric Card

This is one of my two cards that has been published in the Marh Crafts Beautiful Issue. I was asked to send in a pic. to Sarah Capel, which was a huge and delightful surprise! I have used Amy Butler floral fabric here and punched out a flower shape of Anna Griffin scrapbooking paper and attahced this to a piece of gold tracing paper with stick foam pads to raise the effect. I then stitched on 4x pearlescent flower sequins to the corners of the gold paper an again, attached to the card with sticky foam pads! I was very pleased with my end result that I decided to make another card using the same fabric and created a slightly similar card but the design itself was on a smaller scale. After creating these two cards I could see a set of cards enveloping so, I am now swithering to create my own sets of cards, just to be a bit different! Hope you like this card and soon I'll have more to show now that Tassie and Louise Brigden have helped with my Image query, thanx ladies! **

Setting My Blog

Well, thanks goodness! I am starting to get there with my blog page. It's takng me days already and I have so much more to learn. I apologise to those who have helped me as I have gone on and on and on for help. I'll be back for more help too as I need to do one thing at a time! At least I have some kind of picture up and have some information up about me and my work and hopefully, in due course my blog will be looking mor and more like all you crafters! Thanx crafters for your help.......i'll be sending a thanku to you all nce I've finished my blog! x

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

new to this

I am just new to this blog thingy and managing to get my head round some of it but, not completely, yet! hope to get more done to my Blog soon. Just bare with me please!!!!!!