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Friday, 29 February 2008

Shimmer of Flight

Shimmer of Flight is a very new card that I have made using some wrapping paper that I bought just the other day! I sawthis on a spur of the moment and thought to myself,"Mmm! I can see this well used on cards!".
I covered my 14x14cm square card with the patterned paper cut on my paper trimmer. Then I cut out and adhered some gold translutant paper and punched a flower out of it. Once done so, I adgered this to the card using stcky foam pads. I then stitched around this centre design leaving a 2.5cm gap all the way round, using silver metallic thread and as I went along threaded on small pearly beads, white. Last touches was the floer sequins on each corner of the gold paper and glued these on using uhu and placed a bead on top of each one.
i was mot happy with the results that now I am keen to design and make more cards using this wrapping paper design.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Wedding Cards

Hope you are able to read this colour of font okay.

Here I am showing you a sample of what I did or my Thanku cards to the Wedding Party, from my very own Wedding, in March 2007, 9th!

I kept this dsign very simple using the method Triple embossing, flower punches and stitching with metallic silver thread and sequins.

Below the design I have hand stitched the writing of "Bridesmaid". I was well pleased with my results and very happy.

Fabric Card

These cards wre made in particular to work together as a set but, with a different design on them. The fabric used is designed by Amy Butler. Her fabrics are so much so GORGEOUS! that I just had to use them for this little project of mine! I was very well pleased with my results but, feel I could have produced the handbag card better. The pink paper is designed by Amy Butler also. The fabric used to make the handbag is from a compny called MeiFlower (bought the fabric sample while at the October Sho of Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft. Pleae leave your comments...!

Flower Cards

I had a bundle of fun creating this detailed card onto a black double fold card, from Craft Creations, for one of my Craft Pen Pals. I wanted to create something special for her to say a thankyou for all the gorgeous handmade cards she has made me and for her Lovely ATCs.
Having a love for wirework, beads and sequins I used these materials in this card and threaded up lengths of wire with my beads etc. then with my hands created 3 flower shapes and glued on top of the punched out paper flowers, which are adhered to the pink ribbon. I also stitched little flower sequins, (JosyRose) with minte green beads along another length of ribbon, cerise. I attached an already decorative ribbon of 1" below the flowers and finished the card off with a cerise length of ribbon at the bottom and made a bow, which I have stitched onto the card with a small flower sequin and green bead. My pen pal Jodi wrot back in reply to my letter and said she was delighted with my card and sai"WOW! WOW! WOW!" That made me very very very Happy and I smiled for the rest of the day!


I saw there was a thread for producing and swapping ATCs so, I jumped at the chance after a good craft pen pal said to me that I ought to have a go and she was sending her ATCs to me which were lovely. So, I signed up and was relieved and delighted that the theme was on Flowers. Made it very flexible the challenge and it gave me my opportunity to put my wire skills to good use on a very small scale, 2.5x3.5"!

I was delighted with my results, especially with it being my very First ATC made in my Life! I was at my most relaxed creating this and had a wonderful time producing it that i was loking forward to my next one to be made, Below!


This was produced for the ATC February Swap, based on Flowers.
I have never made ATCs before and found myself really enjoying it: I lovd the fact that you can just put a few techniques together on this 2.5x3.5 piee of card. Was very challenging and truly good fun.......
Hope you like this one.......Above is my favourite though!