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Friday, 15 August 2008

Cutting Out Session

Two days ago I started cutting out more of my Decoupage sheets in preparation for making more cards! These funky and unusual decoupage designs I have had for a couple of years now, just never got round to using them. Keep your eye out for what I do with them!

Was a bit naughty the other day for I bought some more decoupage designs by Caron Vinson from so I am hoping these will be delivered today as the service & postage is excellent! Can't wait!

A Sneeky Peek

Thought I would just share a sneeky peek of my August Bookmafrk Swap, based on the theme of Butterflies with a hint o pink and sparkle. I have really enjoye making this creation after a long hard think how I was going to make this bookmark! I hope what you like what you see of it and watch to see who receives it! Not sure who it will go to yet but, shall be someone who deserves it. I have been sorting out all the bookmarks for this months swap and got mysel in a slight pickle but, all is sorted out now and I am excited about doing the swap. I really do not want to part from them all they are all that gorgeous! Watch out because I shall be posting a piccie of all the Bookmarks before doing the swap!

Monday, 11 August 2008

From Susie

I received this delightful and glorious Award from Susie Blackwell aka LittleMe!

The rules of the award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated
So here goes:








Flower Card

I have received many lovely and generous RAKS of all sorts recently! And, this card I have used a paper which I received from the lovely martine mcnight, over on the CB forum! I just adore this paper because it is sooooo soft and subtle! I used this with cream floral paper, you can not really see the florals on it, and glittered flower paper attached with sticky fixers and a brown shiny pearl bead to finish along with two little pinky stars received from Cambiel aka Chris! I am ever so delighted with this make also and love the softness achieved!

How Sweet!!!

Check this out! We went out shopping tyo Tescos on Saturday and did a food shop, while we were there DH, Paul, was with Ava exchanging two things and he saw this fluffy pen of Tinkerbell. He knows just how much I love my fluffy pens like these so, he got this pen for me! How sweet was that of my darling husband??? Thought that was most generous of him as he tends to go on about my silly fluffy pens! I love this pen and just had to show you all!


A beautiful gorgeous Fairy Card arrived in the post the othr week along with a very very very GENEROUS RAK from the lovely Sarah LOngmore over on the Crafts Beautiful Forum! What a surprise this was to receive so much craft materials and a Glorious card too! I was touched with her kind words written inside the card, that the card takes pride place in our wooden glass cabinet where I can admire it always! I am too scared to use anything in the RAK but, I am very much looking forward to using them! Thank you very much, again, Sara you were fat too kind with these!


I am hosting a Bookmark Swap for the August Swap over on the Crafts Beautiful Forum. Due to this many people have generously been enclosing RAKS of craft materials for me, too many to list and thank for here but, have thanked on the Appreciation thread over on the forum! Above, is a beautiful RAK of papers come all the way from Sunny Austraila from the lovely Lollies aka Lauren! I adore all of these beautiful papers as they are so very different from anything over here! Thanks very much Lauren, this was far too kind of you!

Le Suh Lady Card

Le Suh Decoupage! Ahhhhh! Gorgeous designs they are! This is another decoupage favourite of mine! I used some paper from my Basic Grey 6x6 Designer Pad for the base and then, used some brown ribbon that I had cut off from a t-shirt and tied and attached a bow just to finish it off! I am again, delighted with this finished card!

Unexpected Make

This is a very unexpected creation I made over the weekend there. iIwas on a creative drive as my mind of creativity was racing! This card happened as I got on with it. I had not planned an exact design in my head and, find these are the best cards I make when I do not have designs in my head! I used paper from a RAK received from Martine McNight (the base paper) but, wished I kept it and used for a Baby Boy card as the colours are just perfect for that! Anyway....I used also, floral papers which I layered and punched a hole in one of and tied a pink/white gingham ribbon through it -which I got in a RAK from the lovely dear friend of mine tiggertasti ake Sarah-Louise! I attached two punched flowers using sticky foam squares and finished the card off with gluing sequins and tiny cream beads. I am delighted with my overall design in tjhis unexpected make!

August Card Swap - Baby Girl/Boy

Over on the Crafts Beautiful Forum there is a monthly swap called Card Swap! Augusts Card Swap was based on Baby Girl & Boy! I chose to do Baby Girl for this. Above is a sneeky peek of my card swap which is on it's way in the post to the lovely Rachelsian aka Rahel Humphrey! I did not want to part from it but, will do a re-make of this for my sister for a boy & girl as she has no idea the sex of her baby yet but, soon will be revealed as she is overdue now! Shall post a piccie of the whole card once Rachel has posted her photo of it on the Appreciation thread! I really enjoyed making this card!