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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Flower Card Using Stash From Swap

This is a new card of mine, following the layout of another recent card I have made.
I have designed and produced this particlar card especially for someone dear to me. I have produced this design on a doubl folded card and have used materials: paper (floral) and a flower embellishment, from a Stash Swap that I did with Fairyprincess (sara winter).
The floral papers she generously gave me can be seen here on the face of the card. The punched out flowers have been made using papers that I have recently received from an order from crafts u love!
I have stitched on all the puched flowers with a green bead right at the top of the centre of each flower. Each flower has been raised with a sticky foam pad. The pink flower embellishment was part of the stash swap from Fairyprincess!
Below, are piccies of the card on other angles givin you a brief explanation about each part of the flower.

Here I am showing the front panel and the side panel of my double folded card design. You are able to see more of th flowers and the more detailed parts of the card design in these two pictures. The punched out flowers, paper strip panel (floral) are all from the stash swap from fairyprincess.The cream handmade paper seen, is my own paper that we use to sell through our art shop. I ahve tonnes of this paper too!

Flower Card Using Stash From Swap

This the back view of my card that I have designed and produced using some of my own paper along with the papers from the stash swap that Fairyprincess kindly gave me. The back view is elegant for the triangular composition. This one has 3 punched hearts on each side panel but, I have only tied it together with themiddle hearts as I felt this was enough.

Flower Card Using Stash From Swap

This is the front panel of the card, but, photographed on an angle for you to see in a little more detail. Also, you are able to see part of the design on one of the side panels of the double fold card.

Flower Card Using Stash From Swap

This is the inside of the card whre you can leave your message for the recipitant. Used more floral paper from the stash swap I did with Fairyprincess (Sara Winter).