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Thursday, 9 July 2009


This is my most recent card made! I have used an image from the Diary of An Edwardian lady booklet as my basis and main focus here. Don't you just love these images of flowers, all so very delicate and pretty and very feminine too! This is why I have called it "Delicacy"! I sticky fixed to all hte papers used in the card and on each corner have stitched on square transparent buttons for interest and texture. On the 4th corner I added on a fabric flower for interest and unusuality! Keeps the subtley of the whole card together! I have used matting here, first time used, and thoroughly enjoyed using this craft technique (layers of papers added onto each other flat). This form of techinque was inspired from my dear friend Sarah Louise (tiggertastic over at CB forum) and used some Basic Grey papers and Regency paper too, given to me by Irene (Witchqueen over at CB Forum) topped on top of the base paper paisley patterned! Finished off with another couple of buttons and pearls and bicone beads adding more texture! TFL xx

Little Girl In the Garden

I am a loving stamped images right now and painting with my Rembrandt WC (Watercolours)! I was given this most bveautiful stamped Image by the lovely Rachel Humphrey (Rachelsian19 over on CB forum) ina RAK whe I was hosting a swap recently! I adored this iamge soooo much so that I though she worked perfectly well with this Amy Butler Lotus paper! Love anything of Amy Butlers and have done so for years! I painted the little girl with my WC paints and then famed her with Blueberry Hill pink plain paper with subtle flowers and then sticky fixed to the joyous flowery amy butler lotus paper. I then finished with paper flowers and blue organza ribbon stitched upon by hand with sequins and beads! This is called Little Girl in the Garden!

Sketch a Card

Recently I have started to get into Sketches and using them to challenge myself for my cards! I find that these help my creativity and help me to use materials that friends have sent me in RAKS and even materials I would not normally use! This sketch above is the 2nd out of the Cardmaking & Papercrafting Magazine which they have started doing to get their readers challenging themselves with craft materials and LO (Layouts)! Below is my result...................
Used Butterfly Stamped images I received in Junes Image Swap, hosted over on the Crafts Beautiful forum! I thought that these would work perfectly well with the backing paper used, Basic Grey! Just gorgeous scrumptios papers these are! I added on a paper flower and stitched on some flower pink sequins with pearl beads and also some punched daisy flowers stitched on with more beads and sequins! Butterflies were painted with my WC! Close ups below...........................

Fairy Series

This is one of 20x Fairy cards I have made for a series. Been making for a specific reason but, as of yet can not say what yet as ned to deal with them all with the next part of their journey!
I have used some Fairy Images cut out by hand and sticky fixed to two backing papers and framed using stitchng with beads and sequins! I ahve used a range of textured ribbons and stitched upon them and added on paper flowers with pearls and punched out daisy flowers too to finish!

Calming Fairy

Fairies are a firm favourite of mine when it comes to cardmaking and I am sure that this can be seen on view of my work! I adore this magnificent Carol Vinsen Fairy decoupgae andjust had to use her on this delightfully pretty Blueberry Hill paper I have.....Works perfectly well with her and the flowers just seemed perfect to use with her too. I embellished to finish with flower blooms, pearls and bicone beads and set the bicone beads in a fashion to reflect the wings of the fairy! Loved making this card and it just freshens up your day and calms you too.

Family Outing

Just wanted to share some pictures from one our family day outings! We went to a Country Park where there were all sorts for kids to do and even things for adults. There was a beautiful little steam train ride, which we went on, and there were parks, boat rides (pedal boats), putting, play areas, picnic ares and more......! While we were there there was show of Eagles and Owls and we ended up having a family photo taken with a Huge European Owl, I mean it was HUGE! Great phot apart from Josh who frowns! Other pics are of my two children and on the pedal boat ohhh! and even on a bowling green!

DH Birthday

This is a card I made for my for my dear husband for his 31st Birthday in June! Paul is a strong believer in God and is someone who uses him in his daily life! I know that this can be a touchy aspect to talk about when there are many who do not be,lieve and that's ok but, for us we are strong in our Faith and is very important to us in life! So, anyway I will just say I enjoyed making this pyramage card for my DH and guess what? he loved it too. I find it awfully hard to create cards for men as well but, felt this truly worked!

Another Birthday card made by our darlin daughter Ava for her Daddy, this he truly adores. Ava is somewhat of a very creative person and loves her drawing & painting, so this was just perfect for him on his special day! xx

Blogging Again

Back to Blogging Land now and hope to Blog twice a week for an hour at a time, maybe just 30 mins shall see how it goes! Apologies to all who follow my Blog but, life has been a bit hectic and things have been going on too that I can not talk about!

Anyway!.....Lets get to the crafting world! I have been extremely busy with my passion for cardmaking and have been doing different things but, not too much differently. Above is a Fairy Card I have done using a beautiful Stack It Fairy Decoupgae given to me from a close forum buddy Elfiedust (Erin - over on CB Forum). WErin sent me a stack full of print ourts of various airies too, was ever so generous of her. Thanks hunny! These are just magical to use and leave your cards with such elegance and beauty for their own beauty! ANother can be seen further below!

Next comes my new LOVE! Yes, I am IN LOVE with my new ay of working, Painted Stamped Images! I just can not get enough of my coloured images and have the joy of painting swapped images and my own stamped images of all sorts using my most favourite and best paints that you can get in the world EVER, Rembrandt Water Colour paints! These can be bought from our online store following this link I say that these are the best paints ever for their vibrancy in pigment and the hues are beautiful and rich plus, the price for the qaulity is amazing, you will not find anything as good as these! Back to my stamped images. Above is a new card using my Fingers Crossed stamp, seen used in a craft mag a few months ago which I just had to have! A gorgeous stamp to work with and I had so much fun making this card using the new LLB papers! Added on some bling and stitched on lots of sequins and beads too and, hey presto! Below is a close up! I have many more and will be posting more like this!

Below is another and first Stack It Up Fairy decoupage card. Stitched on - mad I know I am but, very therapeutic fo me stitching! - every bead around the fairy circle to frame and finish the card along with stitching on the cream flower and bead and beads and shell sequin below! Not sure what the paper is but, was given to me in a RAK (random act of kindness) from my dear friend Sarah Louise (tiggertastic over at CB forum), if anything to go by what she uses it'll probably be Basic Grey paper or K& Co.

This here below is a card I have made within a series of Fairy cars I ahve made in the last couple of months! I have made these for a special reason which no one knows about so will not spoil it on here for now! Keeping them all suspicious for now! I hae made 20x of these and have thoroughly enjoyed making each and every one of them. All done in the same way and using the same techiniques: stitching, beading, matting and flowery! Hope you enjoy seeing the mmany I have done when I post them!
Thanks for reading back on blog folks, means a lot to me! Just hope it brings you joy to read and see my creations! xx