I make handcrafted cards on Commission so, all Commissions are very welcome.

If you like anything taht you see on my Blog here please do not hesitate to contact me through the Blog just by posting one of my Posts. If you have a specific card you want making or just want a general card and leave the rest to me I can easily do Both.


Natalie x

Thursday, 29 January 2009


Above are a couple of ATCs that I made for a swap I signed up for over on the Crafts Beautiful Foum hosted by Snaggles (Pips). The theme of the swap was Butterflies so, I used my favourite butterfly stamp and embossed them and cutaround and sticky fixed to some free paptterned papers from my Cardmaking & Papercrafting magazine! I added on ribbon roses to enhance the deisgn and butterflies. I hope that these have gone to a good home!

Mermaid Cards

This is a general card I made for someone special dear to me on the Crafts Beautiful Forum. I signed up to a swap on the forum and made this card especially for hr as I knew she would like it! It also fits in with the theme of the swap she is hosting! This is a decoupaged Mermaid adhered onto lace ribbon and patterned vintage paper!

I made this Mermaid card using a decoupage design like the one previously! I made this for no particular reason but, having posted this on the papercrafting thread on Crafts Beautiful Forum I have recieved lots of feedback and is all good; so I am now going to choose someone who has posted on this thread of mine an send as a RAK with some goodies! The comments made are remarkable and are very encouraging too! I used free patterned from my Cardmaking & Papercrafting Magazine Feb. issue! and added on 3 different organza ribbons to add texture!


These are my ATCs made for the january ATC Swap that Cambiel (Chris on CB forum) is hosting! The theme was Fantasy. These Decoupage designs were perfect for this swap. I really enjoyed making these and hope that they have gone to a good home!


Just want to pass on my apologies for not being around much on here and not blogging as I would usually do! I feel terrible but, a lot of personal things have been going on with me and I have been going through a bit of a difficult time! It's been since before New Year that things have been a bit difficult for me and I just need my time alone with family and myself! I hope you understand that I am not able to say what my persoanl issues are but, it's something I do not want to talk about as it is very emotional and a situation that it is very delicate! Anyway, passing on my apologies to you all who read my blog regularly!

Take Care and God Bless

Natalie x