I make handcrafted cards on Commission so, all Commissions are very welcome.

If you like anything taht you see on my Blog here please do not hesitate to contact me through the Blog just by posting one of my Posts. If you have a specific card you want making or just want a general card and leave the rest to me I can easily do Both.


Natalie x

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My Birds

Check out these Birdies that I have hand-drawn and cut out with scissors. These are a follow on from my Birdie Card I made last night. I would like to do something similar to th card I created further down but, I also want to try something different....not sure what though, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Although, now that I think about it I could make a wall hanging with it, or maybe another card where I......ohhh! maybe I shouldn't say anymore I want to surprise you all! Let's just wait and see what these little birdies turn into.
Natalie x

A Summers Day

I just had to share these uttermost cute and adoreable pictures of my baby AQva! The one of her with her summer flowery dress on was taken this morning! This outfit was one of many gifts she received from the many generous people we know. Ava is getting so so so big and weighs loads now. There is a baby clinic on every second Tuesday, but I seem to remember the night before then forget about it on the day. Hopefully, i'll remember in a fortnight to actually go as I really need to know what she weighs now! Hope you like the pictures.
Natalie x

Inspiration for my Birdie Cards

I have recently made a new make using the stitching method creating two birdies from fabirc and paper. Just fancied a change of method and change of subject for my cards and, below is what I came up with. I was inspired by my university friend, Clare Nicolson who is a Textile Designer and runs her own business , where my birdie card enveloped from. Pictured above is Clare herself and, her scented birdies, where my inspiration flew from! Clare had her feature in Quick & Crafty last year. Her work is vintage style yet contemporary with her use of methods for her texties, as they are all digitally printed. I aim to make more cards in the style I have created below and, bring back my use and degree of Texiles gained from University!

Birdie Cards

Last night I got myself sat down after Ava went down to bed at 9:30pm, in my craft heaven and explored my creativity to my hearts content. I may not have had all the time that I wanted to be creative but 2 hours was good enough and, I managed to get two cards made that I am absolutely delighted with. Above is one of the cards where I have used Amy Butler fabric and Amy Butler scrapbooking paper and created two basic shaped birds drawn by hand then used the template I made to produce these birdies on my card! I chose these patterns because they are very detailed and this meant I didn't have to do too much to the birds themselves. All I did was stitch on flower sequins and white beads with metallic silver thread around the outline of the birds, then I stitched on a lovely shell like circle button and added a colourful pink bead to make the pupil of the eye!
I am really pleased with my result here and, am rearing to go to make more of these with different patterned papers and fabrics.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

August ATCs

The August ATC swap is up and running but, the poll is not closing until 20th July, on the Crafts Beautiful Forum! I have however, done mine, which I created last night. I was so ready to start them and thought to myself, "well, if the garden theme loses to the Seasons theme then I can just send these garden ATCs out as RAKS ( random act of kindness) and create seasons ATCs!". I am hoping and praying it stays at Garden though! Whether it does or not, I really enjoyed making my Garden Themed ATCs! I have pictures here to show a sneaky preview of the two and, will show the whole design of each once I know what the final theme is chosen, through the poll!

Thanx for looking!

Natalie x x

Susies' Birthday Candy

I have just been on the Blog posting and reading the Goodmorning thread on CB there and, read that Susie Blackwell (susieb - CB Member) is having another Blog Candy, to celebrate her Birthday that is coming up shortly! All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog here and link her Blog page to yours explaining about her blog candy. Goodluck Everyone that entes for her Birthday Blog Candy.

Monday, 14 July 2008

A Lovely Day

Awwww! What a lovely, blissfull relaxing time I have had today!....The morning and afternoon was spent in the swimming pool with myelder sister, neice and DD Av Brooke. We had a wonderful time together just catching up and letting our little ones have some quality time together before my sister pops! Had a lovely spot of lunch too, then came homeafter talking about the probles with in laws, as you do! Arrived at mine, sat on the grass and chatted some more in the beautiful warm sun beaming down, as my neice played with Joshs' toys and sandpit. Now, i've been catching up on some posts and waiting for my two dearest boys t arrive home after a ay at nursery/work.

Natalie x

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Lovely Sunny Day

We have had such a lovely Sunday today. Weather was just beautiful. Enjoyed ou time as a family watching telly, going to the park and playing with Joshs' train set! Josh lllllloves his trains, especially Thomas and His Friends!

This morning I dealt with my kitchen first though, as it was a right mess with dirty dishes etc. so got that sorted before doing anything. Managed to get two loads of washing out as it needed done or else I would have left it till tomorrow! Made a lovely pork casserole on our slow cooker and made the lunch too. Dinner was very tasty but, Josh was whining and took forever to eat but, finally finished it off. My parents popped by as they were over in Fife staying in their holiday cottage for the weekend so, that was nice to see them as not seen them since DH Surprise 30th Party! They saw a change in Ava! Once Ava was asleep she went down to bed at 10pm and we watched Midsomer Murders, a programme I just love! I sat and finsihed cutting out a decoupage sheet I have been working on over the last couple of days so will be able to make a card for someone with that. I am now wondering about on here catching up but, off to bed to get my sleep before another day arrives. Shall post some piccies of Josh and Ava at the park tomorrow.

Sleep well all x