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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Birdie Cards

Last night I got myself sat down after Ava went down to bed at 9:30pm, in my craft heaven and explored my creativity to my hearts content. I may not have had all the time that I wanted to be creative but 2 hours was good enough and, I managed to get two cards made that I am absolutely delighted with. Above is one of the cards where I have used Amy Butler fabric and Amy Butler scrapbooking paper and created two basic shaped birds drawn by hand then used the template I made to produce these birdies on my card! I chose these patterns because they are very detailed and this meant I didn't have to do too much to the birds themselves. All I did was stitch on flower sequins and white beads with metallic silver thread around the outline of the birds, then I stitched on a lovely shell like circle button and added a colourful pink bead to make the pupil of the eye!
I am really pleased with my result here and, am rearing to go to make more of these with different patterned papers and fabrics.

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caroline said...

Natalie they are so gorgeous. You have put a lot of work into them. I love the patterns that you have used and all the sequins and beads are just beautiful. I have to say that I love all the bird themed papers and embellishments that are out right now, but your handmade ones are by far the best thing I have seen for a while, you should sell them so that people can put them on cushions etc.
Caroline (cupcakedaft) xxxx