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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Lovely Sunny Day

We have had such a lovely Sunday today. Weather was just beautiful. Enjoyed ou time as a family watching telly, going to the park and playing with Joshs' train set! Josh lllllloves his trains, especially Thomas and His Friends!

This morning I dealt with my kitchen first though, as it was a right mess with dirty dishes etc. so got that sorted before doing anything. Managed to get two loads of washing out as it needed done or else I would have left it till tomorrow! Made a lovely pork casserole on our slow cooker and made the lunch too. Dinner was very tasty but, Josh was whining and took forever to eat but, finally finished it off. My parents popped by as they were over in Fife staying in their holiday cottage for the weekend so, that was nice to see them as not seen them since DH Surprise 30th Party! They saw a change in Ava! Once Ava was asleep she went down to bed at 10pm and we watched Midsomer Murders, a programme I just love! I sat and finsihed cutting out a decoupage sheet I have been working on over the last couple of days so will be able to make a card for someone with that. I am now wondering about on here catching up but, off to bed to get my sleep before another day arrives. Shall post some piccies of Josh and Ava at the park tomorrow.

Sleep well all x

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