I make handcrafted cards on Commission so, all Commissions are very welcome.

If you like anything taht you see on my Blog here please do not hesitate to contact me through the Blog just by posting one of my Posts. If you have a specific card you want making or just want a general card and leave the rest to me I can easily do Both.


Natalie x

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Horse Card

I had some horse decoupage sheets to cut up so I handcrafted this card for someone in particular and really hope she likes it! I have made, I hope, to suit her taste! Just a little something for something she is passioante about it! This is very different for me but, on the whole feel it has turned out very well. Hope you like.


I was reading through a small pile of my gathered and collected magazines of CB on Monday, sat outside in the sun with Ava lying beside enjoying the fresh air! While skimming through these I was inspired by a few things in them and, above pictured is one thing that gave me inspiration. So, the other night I went into my craft wardrobe and got started with what inspired me! Below shows you my handcrafted creation using my new papers & ribbons. I very much like this as it is very fresh! and flowerfull!

Above, shows you the card on another two angles and close up views of the card!

Cambiel (Chris) on the CB Forum is running a challenge where you have to create a Fairy creation of any sort in order to win a Bowmaker! Above is my entry using the beautiful fairy creations designed by Caron Vinsin! I LOVE her fairy decoupage designs and can not get enough of them to be quite frank! The butterfly paper was attached onto the card using metallic thread and I threaded on a transparent cupped sequin with bead to each corner.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Restful Day

I had quite a lovely quiet day with my DD Ava! We hardly did anything really but, least we had the glorious sunshine and heat agin after a great downpour last night - it just cleared the air!

Ava slept quite a bit this morning as I was on here for a few hours. Growth spurt I think! Got some washing done for Josh and cleaned and tidied my beautiful kitchen, which I just adore! Had an appointment with the doctors this afternoon about my toe but, not wanting to talk about that incase it puts anyone off. Get two lots of results so, I'm to be prepared for waiting on these as they take time for the type of tests they are doing in the Lab! Nothing to worry about though! We then went onto the Post Office to post 3 RAKS and something for DH. While in RSMcColls I noticed they had my regular Papercraft Essentials so purchased it as it was a MUST. Have that to read tonight in bed. Before heading home, I treated myself to a lovely scrumptious looking fudge cream doughnut, mmmmmm yummy it was too!

This evening not done much, dealt with the kids and they are both in bed sleeping so off to make a card or two and think about what I'm doing for the Bookmark swap, Tag swap and Baby Card Swap! Amongst producing RAKS for people on CB Forum. Shall post piccies tomorrow!

Natalie x

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

July Bookmark Swap and Decoupage

Over on the Crafts Beautiful Forum was a bookmark swap being held for July. The theme for this months swap was good old "Fashion". Hosting it was the lovely, generous and friendly lady I know, Sarah Louise (tiggertastic). Above is my Bookmark creation for this months swap which is now with the lovely and friendly super Michelle (Wiggley). I am delighted to see she has it and that it is in a good home! I thoroughly enjoyed making this bookmark as it turned out different as I had planned.

I have been quite busy doing a lot of Decoupage cutting out, in preparation for making some decoupage cards. Just as well I have been cutting these up as Chris (Cambiel) Pollycrafts is hosting a challenge on Fairies, where we have to make anything using this theme. So I am at the ready to get this done for her now. Above and below are designs I have been cutting out recently. I am very fond of these Fairies and witches! More the Fairies though. There is one of a horse decoupage design which I plan on making for a good friends' DD. As I have been cutting out these my son, Josh, has got out his own paper and scissors, sat down, and cut out along with me as he likes to do the same as you whatever you are's rather funny!

Quick and Crafty

I treated myself last Wednesday night when in Asda to the September issue of Q&C and dlighted I did so! There were many lovely projects and features in it; one feature in particular was the World of Blogging, such a good read! Below, is a piccie of one of the projects that gabbed my eye in this issue!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Afternoon in the Garden

I was unable to fit in all the piccies I wanted to show in my previous post and, was not going to start all over again. So, above is a picture just to show you th pile of magazines I went through this afternoon drinking a lovely cuppa with the lovely company of my DD rolling & kicking about.
As I went through these I got inspired again. So many lovely projects that you completely forget about. More things to add onto my Project List. Below, is a picture of a Scrapbook that I bought for my DS down at RSMcColls. Josh just Loves to cut out like me! I thought he would like this to cut up and to draw on (he scribbles really) and stick things onto, like his stickers (another thing he loves doing). £1.19 it cost me and it is A3 size. thought that was rather good and especially when it has so many different colours inside.

Yesterday I was looking after both the children and it was good but, Josh was being ever so silly and his problem right now is He just does not LISTEN! It makes me very angry because he looks at me as if he is listening when really he is not and he makes no response whatsoever! It's soooo infuriating! Anyway it came to dinner time and he started it fine. But then, he was playing around on the seat and all of a sudden he fell with the fork in his hand and cried! I asked him if he was okay and he said he was fine and we had a cuddle to settle him. Then for some reason he just wouldn't eat the rest of his dinner. I asked him to eat up goodness knows how many times and chatted to him about not listening and ignoring me......still nothing.....I got rather angry that I told him to go to bed and that I didn't want to see him.....he just went and did so. I really didn't expect him to but, it just showed me that he LISTENED THEN! He woke up around 21:30pm and sat with us for an hour and boy was he funny! He told Daddy what had happened then he started cutting up paper at his cutting table because he wanted to cut like me ( I was cutting up my decoupage designs you see). So, that was funny! But, DH chatted to me as I am too soft on Josh and he said tht I need to learn to be more tougher with him. The only thing is I find it really hard!

Afternoon in the Garden

Our afternoon outside in our garden was bliss! As you can see! Ava lay looking at the funny plastic flower (in the pict. below) and rolled about onto her front and kicked her legs about. She had a whale of a time out in the fresh air lying in the garden of peacefullness.

Here we both are out in our peaceful garden. Do not like the pic of me though. Ava below after rolling onto her front and showing off her skills at 4 months 7 days of age.

Ava is reading my CB magazine, she takes to the pictures and colours so she does! I'm sure she will turn into a crft person just like Mummy! I do hope so anyway!

Crafts Beautiful Sept. Issue

I received my September Issue of CB last week and boy was I excited to see it pop through the letterbox! I was dying to read it so much but, didn't get round to reading it till the next day after receiving it! But, you know what....It was worth the wait!

I got myself to bed with a good old cuppa and lay there reading to my hearts content. There were so many interesting and inspiring projects and even. A couple of projects I really particualry enjoyed were the Shop & Go handbag (pictured above), isn't this just remarkable? all made out of card and paper. Really fancy trying this out at some point! Just don't know when that will be!

Then there was this "beautiful" Welcoming House sign that caught my eye staright away! How adoreable and different is that? The colours used are just lovely too. This make is definately going on my Project List.

Handcrafted Afternoon Makes

This afternoon, while Ava had her afternoon nap of 30 minutes, I grabbed this opportunity to get creative and make a couple of cards. With quite a bit of inspiration in my mind I wanted to get my designs out onto my bases. I had a beautiful afternon of handcrafting two makes. Shown above and below are two angles of the 2nd card I made using patterned paper I bought the other week while out with the mad ones! (Max & Maggie, fom CB Forum). Kept this card simple to let the ribbon and patterned paper talk more than anything else! The ribbons just help lift out the patterned paper along with the odd sequins and pearls.

A Close Up View

This was my first card made this afternoon, one I had started yesterday but, just needed finishing off! This turned out to be a little different than expected! As I had not planned to put on the punched flowers. But, now I am pleased they are on as they just frame the centre piece and adds a touch to the background base. Below is a close up view using my glittered flower paper for the punched centred flower.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Doing Vintage Style

I bought a lovely paper stack pad of Laura Ashley papers when I met up with my dear friends from Crafts Beautiful Forum - Max and Maggie50. I decided to create some Vintage style cards, which I did, then I went on and made this Vintage ATC to be put away for someone special! I particulary enjoyed doing this ATC as iI had fun creating something that little bit different! I am not actually a very big fan of vintage styles but, I like it when something of this style grabs my attention. I hope that you like this Vintage style ATC of mine!


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