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Monday, 28 July 2008

Afternoon in the Garden

I was unable to fit in all the piccies I wanted to show in my previous post and, was not going to start all over again. So, above is a picture just to show you th pile of magazines I went through this afternoon drinking a lovely cuppa with the lovely company of my DD rolling & kicking about.
As I went through these I got inspired again. So many lovely projects that you completely forget about. More things to add onto my Project List. Below, is a picture of a Scrapbook that I bought for my DS down at RSMcColls. Josh just Loves to cut out like me! I thought he would like this to cut up and to draw on (he scribbles really) and stick things onto, like his stickers (another thing he loves doing). £1.19 it cost me and it is A3 size. thought that was rather good and especially when it has so many different colours inside.

Yesterday I was looking after both the children and it was good but, Josh was being ever so silly and his problem right now is He just does not LISTEN! It makes me very angry because he looks at me as if he is listening when really he is not and he makes no response whatsoever! It's soooo infuriating! Anyway it came to dinner time and he started it fine. But then, he was playing around on the seat and all of a sudden he fell with the fork in his hand and cried! I asked him if he was okay and he said he was fine and we had a cuddle to settle him. Then for some reason he just wouldn't eat the rest of his dinner. I asked him to eat up goodness knows how many times and chatted to him about not listening and ignoring me......still nothing.....I got rather angry that I told him to go to bed and that I didn't want to see him.....he just went and did so. I really didn't expect him to but, it just showed me that he LISTENED THEN! He woke up around 21:30pm and sat with us for an hour and boy was he funny! He told Daddy what had happened then he started cutting up paper at his cutting table because he wanted to cut like me ( I was cutting up my decoupage designs you see). So, that was funny! But, DH chatted to me as I am too soft on Josh and he said tht I need to learn to be more tougher with him. The only thing is I find it really hard!


Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

Oh dear ! I'm sorry to say it only gets worse as they get older and you WILL sound like your own Mum !!! Sounds like Josh will take after you though by being crafty (probably in more ways than one) !!

tiggertastic said...

Oh hun, it sounds like josh was having a bad day there hun, at least he did listen to you when you told him to go to bed, and he must want to be like his mum with cutting up his paper. bless

hope things work out with him sweetie, just stay strong.

Sarah x