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Monday, 28 July 2008

Handcrafted Afternoon Makes

This afternoon, while Ava had her afternoon nap of 30 minutes, I grabbed this opportunity to get creative and make a couple of cards. With quite a bit of inspiration in my mind I wanted to get my designs out onto my bases. I had a beautiful afternon of handcrafting two makes. Shown above and below are two angles of the 2nd card I made using patterned paper I bought the other week while out with the mad ones! (Max & Maggie, fom CB Forum). Kept this card simple to let the ribbon and patterned paper talk more than anything else! The ribbons just help lift out the patterned paper along with the odd sequins and pearls.

A Close Up View

This was my first card made this afternoon, one I had started yesterday but, just needed finishing off! This turned out to be a little different than expected! As I had not planned to put on the punched flowers. But, now I am pleased they are on as they just frame the centre piece and adds a touch to the background base. Below is a close up view using my glittered flower paper for the punched centred flower.

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