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Natalie x

Thursday, 31 July 2008


I was reading through a small pile of my gathered and collected magazines of CB on Monday, sat outside in the sun with Ava lying beside enjoying the fresh air! While skimming through these I was inspired by a few things in them and, above pictured is one thing that gave me inspiration. So, the other night I went into my craft wardrobe and got started with what inspired me! Below shows you my handcrafted creation using my new papers & ribbons. I very much like this as it is very fresh! and flowerfull!

Above, shows you the card on another two angles and close up views of the card!

Cambiel (Chris) on the CB Forum is running a challenge where you have to create a Fairy creation of any sort in order to win a Bowmaker! Above is my entry using the beautiful fairy creations designed by Caron Vinsin! I LOVE her fairy decoupage designs and can not get enough of them to be quite frank! The butterfly paper was attached onto the card using metallic thread and I threaded on a transparent cupped sequin with bead to each corner.


tiggertastic said...

Just stunning work hun, simply elegant and beautiful.

and the fairy is fantastic on that backing

Sarah x

Max said...

Your 'flowerful' card is gorgeous ... and I think you just invented a new word LOL!

twiggypeasticks said...

Really pretty, well done lady
Twiggy x