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Monday, 28 July 2008

Afternoon in the Garden

Our afternoon outside in our garden was bliss! As you can see! Ava lay looking at the funny plastic flower (in the pict. below) and rolled about onto her front and kicked her legs about. She had a whale of a time out in the fresh air lying in the garden of peacefullness.

Here we both are out in our peaceful garden. Do not like the pic of me though. Ava below after rolling onto her front and showing off her skills at 4 months 7 days of age.

Ava is reading my CB magazine, she takes to the pictures and colours so she does! I'm sure she will turn into a crft person just like Mummy! I do hope so anyway!

1 comment:

tiggertastic said...

1st question what is ava doing with mummy’s kitkat.
2nd she is just adorable, such a pretty little girl and that skirt is so pretty hun.

Fab photo of you both, thanks so much for sharing your lovely moments.

Pleased to see Ava has taken to the CB mag,

Hugs to you both

Sarah xx