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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Creative with Cars

Creative with Joshs' cars making his name and getting him to say each letter to famialarize him with his name! This was so much fun! Do try this out!

Fun Time With Josh

While Ava had her long afternoon napping session, Josh and I had some fun time together and I started to get creative with his cars and made shapes etc. with all of his cars he owns! All the cars that you see are only just some f his cars though!
To the left displays a house that Josh asked me to create. What do you think?
I had so much fun being creative this way and LOVED playing with my son, as not played with him properly since Ava has arrived.
Josh totally enjoyed doing this!

Afternoon Out with Josh ad Ava

We went out to what was called "Bonkers Playarea and Cafe" as a Special Treat for Josh!
We were going to take him to a farm where he could have played outside on trampolines etc. and had a cake and something but, when we arrived there we found it to be CLOSED for the season and does not re-open till 1st May!

We have recently introduced Gold Stars to Josh at homw for when he is good and bad! And also introduced a blck mark for when he is really naughty! (Have to admit, this truly works). We have said that once he reaches 5 Stars ***** he gets a special treat! It's taken a little time to rweach his 5 but, he has progressed I have to say!
Reason for us introducing these gold stars is because he s at that certain age now ad also, because we are trainng im to use the toilet! He does not like the potty! What a star he is too at going to e toilet now after some effort for a while.

Josh had a whale of a time at Bonkers! And Ava enjoyed her time too. While Paul later said, on our way home " i've left my mobile there" and we just left Bonkers minutes before they CLOSED! Going backtomorrow to retrieve my DH phone.

Hope you like the piccies!

Afternoon Out with Josh ad Ava

Here is our son, Josh, fast asleep in the car en route to his Treat! We stopped via a car we saw for sale, as we did both Josh and Ava were napping away in Nod Land! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And here is our new arrival Ava, also napping away with her Big Brother! Golly golly gosh!!! That is sooooo weird saying that! Will get use tot eventually.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Ava Brookes Arrival

My Husband and I are the PROUD parents to our new arrival, Ava Brooke Wallace, born 21st March 2008! Born at 18:17pm weighing a lovely 7lb and 6 1/2oz! We are very much delighted with our Beautiful daughter who is a precious Jewell to my DH and I!

Not entirely sure where myhusband has put the camera so, shall upload a couple of piccies of Ava Brooke for you all to see! As you may very well imagine.....i am snapping away with the camera capturing every moent of Avas' Life already! I really fancy doing a scrapbook of Ava Brooke now, knowing that she will really appreciate something like this.

4 weeks old tomorrow, Ava shall be! Really can not believe it! Feels like yesterday she was born. My love for my newborn is immense and shall treasure Ava for ever and eternity! Family is important to me! Nothing makes me any more happier than I am right now with my very own family! I feel so very very very LUCKY to have a son and daughter.

Because I have posted my pregnancy news and shared the birth of Ava Brooke here on the CB Forum, I intend to share as much of her life as I can now Ava has become a Crafts Beautiful Baby!

I would like to take this wonderful opportunity to THANK EVERY ONE you who has sent us beautiful card makes and gifts for the birth of Ava Brooke Wallace! We are truly delighted and touched with all the wonderful creatins sent our way.....BIG THANKUS TO YOU ALL!

Love and Best Wishes

Natalie Wallace
x x x