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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Afternoon Out with Josh ad Ava

We went out to what was called "Bonkers Playarea and Cafe" as a Special Treat for Josh!
We were going to take him to a farm where he could have played outside on trampolines etc. and had a cake and something but, when we arrived there we found it to be CLOSED for the season and does not re-open till 1st May!

We have recently introduced Gold Stars to Josh at homw for when he is good and bad! And also introduced a blck mark for when he is really naughty! (Have to admit, this truly works). We have said that once he reaches 5 Stars ***** he gets a special treat! It's taken a little time to rweach his 5 but, he has progressed I have to say!
Reason for us introducing these gold stars is because he s at that certain age now ad also, because we are trainng im to use the toilet! He does not like the potty! What a star he is too at going to e toilet now after some effort for a while.

Josh had a whale of a time at Bonkers! And Ava enjoyed her time too. While Paul later said, on our way home " i've left my mobile there" and we just left Bonkers minutes before they CLOSED! Going backtomorrow to retrieve my DH phone.

Hope you like the piccies!

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