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Saturday, 20 September 2008

A Very Special Card

This handcrafted creation of mine has been made for a very special occassion regarding a posting by soeone over on the Crafts Beautiful Forum. I am not saying what it;s for just now incase someone sees and I ruin it all, which I would hate to do! But, I just wanted to share this creation of mine because I am delighted with it and love the colours I have used. This card was based on my entry to Golden Hippies Autumn challenge! The card has two functions: a card come wall hanging! I particulary enjoyed making this and shall be making more cards in the same or similar way so, keep your eye out!

Variety of Things

I received my CB magazine with quite an entrance into our house, with a great big thud which is soooo unusual! I could hear it coming from upstairs in our house! I was in my element to see it had arrived. This November issue, so far, is packed with very many inspirational projects etc. The features are brilliant too. It's really just such a perfect read this month!
Below, shows a beautiful card type top for covering yourself up for going out to parties etc. and I just fell in love with it.....If only I could just Knit!

I was inspired and engrossed in the rad of Flick Halls' project with the birds made out of shrink plastic. This projetct I would love to have a go at myself, it was such a beautiful read and the style and colours are just divine! I am very much inspired by Flick Halls' creations!

Below I have pictured al the ATCs and Cards that my DD, Ava Brooke, received when she was not long born from all the many friendly members over on the Crafts Beautiful Forum! We were touched with such kindness. So, I wanted to go through them all and blue tack to her wall which, I just did last week. With Ava coming up for 6 months tomorrow I want to give our thanks to each and everyone who sent Ava something handcrafted with their own hands. This will be a kept secret for now and hopfully it won't be long till you all receive something from my wee Ava Angel! Thanx again everyone for your generosity when she was born, means so much more to us than you all know!

From Nikbee

I received this most wonderful Fairy Crad and RAK from the lovely Nkbee aka Nikki over on the Crafts Beatiful Forum. I was sincerely touched with her generosity with the beautiful card an craft materials. But most of all I was more than touched with the very kind meaningfull words she wrote inside her creation of a stunning card. The funny thing was the Fairy that she has used I have recently bought a selection of these Fairies for my own use in my cardmaking! I am lookin forward to using my crafty bits and displaying the card with the many others I have on display! Thanks again sweetheart, you are sovery thoughtfull.

Some Other New Makes

Thios was a very simple and experimental card that I made during the week. I am rather happy with the finished card. this was not made for any particular reason. I was just playing around!
I made this card for a very sincere and very precious friend of mine and, should hopefully be with the recipitant now! I really do hope so as I sent it out last week. I was given this background paper from my special friend Sarh Louise aka Tiggertastic, over on the CB forum! I adde on my own hand-drawn and cut out brown chocolate circle and added on one of my beaded flower wire shapes to the centre of the circle! I am pleased with the result of this card as it is very simple and effective. Enclosed with this card I sent a RAK, so I just hope she likes it all!

This card I havemade just for fun. I was given the paper in a RAK by Martine McNight and really wanted to try it out with one of my stamps! The hearts and flowers stamp I have used seems to work realy well as the whole image and design layout stand out really well. This card I am really happy with especially, with it being an experimental card.

Some New Makes

This Ballet decoupage card has been made in particular for a fabulous special friends of mines' DD! I wanted to do this for her birthday, which has passed but, have not yet posted as I am n the middle of putting together a RAK for my fabulous special friend! I just realy hope her DD likes it. The cutting took forever but, I thoroughly enjoyed putting the design together and am very pleased with the result of my finished card.

This was a card (below)that I made for a friend of mine on the Crafts Beautiful forum, Pinkpuppy aka Louise! I was delighted to read and hear that she really liked it! I thoroughly enjoyed making ths card and adore the finished card. Feel that the ribbon really finishes it off.

Over on the Crafts Beautiful Forum I read some unfortunate news on a good friend of mine, ickle pickle aka Rachael. The poor girl had been in a car accident almost a week ago and was hurt quite badly so, I thought sI would make her a cheery and funky Get Well Card as, I thought she would really appreciate this! I also enclosed a bit of reading material for her, Gardening Magazine - as she LOVES her garden etc - along with a bar of chocolate and a RAK of craft materials which I hope she has received and likes!

Josh and Ava Brooke

Just look at my two little beautiful angels! As lovely as they look they are both just Craaaaaazy in all honesty! I just had to share these piccies of Josh & Ava because it was such a hilarious moment in time! Josh had been playing aound with Ava and, boy was she laughing he head off, it was just adoreable, it made my heart melt! If you look at the top pic of Ava you'll se she has her arms spread out! Doesn't she look like a we plane with her arms in such a straight line? Ava has been doing this every few seconds everyday.....sems to be her thing and just loves doing this! I think t's really sweet! and always laugh at her! She seems soooo proud of herself!The piccie of Josh, right at the bottom, I just love! What a cutie he is!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Surprise ATC

This ATC (Artist Trading Card) was given to me by Pinkpuppy over on the Crafts Bautiful Forum aka Louise Corke! I was ever so surprised to find this beautiful ATC popped through y door and I am eve so thankfull to Louise for it! It is just glorious!
x x x

Blessing Day

Here are some photos taken from the day of Avas' Blessing out in our garedn, with the sun shining for Ava!

Avas' Blessing Day

Just had to share some pics from the day of Avas' Blessing, from yesterday! What a delightful and beautoful day it was too. The service for Ava went extremely well and Ava looked absolutely gorgeous in her little Blessing Dress. Pics of this are in the post above! We couldn't have asked for better weather either, it was glorious for the time we had the service and the time we had everyone at ours for a in house lunch, champagne and cake! We are ever so proud of our darling daughter Ava and, this day is one truly to remember for forever and ever!

New Home Card

I made this New Home card for the monthly card swap hosted over on the Crafts Beautiful Forum. This was the September card swap which came to a tie with Number card also but, I preferredto do a New Home card!. This I sent onto the lovely 2belle aka Isabelle which she really likes and, I enclosed a RAK for her too! I thoroughly enjoyed making this card although took me a who;le evening to do as I had a bit of crafters block. For the techniques used it would have taken me 25 minutes to make but, there wa sme spending hours on deciding what to do and colours to use.