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Natalie x

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Variety of Things

I received my CB magazine with quite an entrance into our house, with a great big thud which is soooo unusual! I could hear it coming from upstairs in our house! I was in my element to see it had arrived. This November issue, so far, is packed with very many inspirational projects etc. The features are brilliant too. It's really just such a perfect read this month!
Below, shows a beautiful card type top for covering yourself up for going out to parties etc. and I just fell in love with it.....If only I could just Knit!

I was inspired and engrossed in the rad of Flick Halls' project with the birds made out of shrink plastic. This projetct I would love to have a go at myself, it was such a beautiful read and the style and colours are just divine! I am very much inspired by Flick Halls' creations!

Below I have pictured al the ATCs and Cards that my DD, Ava Brooke, received when she was not long born from all the many friendly members over on the Crafts Beautiful Forum! We were touched with such kindness. So, I wanted to go through them all and blue tack to her wall which, I just did last week. With Ava coming up for 6 months tomorrow I want to give our thanks to each and everyone who sent Ava something handcrafted with their own hands. This will be a kept secret for now and hopfully it won't be long till you all receive something from my wee Ava Angel! Thanx again everyone for your generosity when she was born, means so much more to us than you all know!


pinkpuppy said...

That was lovely to read! i also love that little top but like you i can't knit either lol

the goodies you get with it is amazing this month!

Aims said...

I agree Natalie, it is a fab read...I keep sneaking mine into work to have a cheeky little read of it when no one is looking he he!

I love that little shrug and cannot wait for my mam to get back off her holidays as she has some knitting homework to do :o)

Aims x

Lauren said...

Hope you had fun reading the new CB. Love that top, I bet you could knit it if you tried. Gorgeous Cards and ATC's that Ava received.
Lauren xx