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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Josh and Ava Brooke

Just look at my two little beautiful angels! As lovely as they look they are both just Craaaaaazy in all honesty! I just had to share these piccies of Josh & Ava because it was such a hilarious moment in time! Josh had been playing aound with Ava and, boy was she laughing he head off, it was just adoreable, it made my heart melt! If you look at the top pic of Ava you'll se she has her arms spread out! Doesn't she look like a we plane with her arms in such a straight line? Ava has been doing this every few seconds everyday.....sems to be her thing and just loves doing this! I think t's really sweet! and always laugh at her! She seems soooo proud of herself!The piccie of Josh, right at the bottom, I just love! What a cutie he is!


SewDelish said...

Your kiddies are so sweet playing together!

My DD used to do the same thing as Ava when she was a baby too! It is so cute to watch!


Cleene said...

What beautiful children you have so full of energy and look very happy. Enjoy every minute as before you know it there all grown up