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Natalie x

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Restful Day

I had quite a lovely quiet day with my DD Ava! We hardly did anything really but, least we had the glorious sunshine and heat agin after a great downpour last night - it just cleared the air!

Ava slept quite a bit this morning as I was on here for a few hours. Growth spurt I think! Got some washing done for Josh and cleaned and tidied my beautiful kitchen, which I just adore! Had an appointment with the doctors this afternoon about my toe but, not wanting to talk about that incase it puts anyone off. Get two lots of results so, I'm to be prepared for waiting on these as they take time for the type of tests they are doing in the Lab! Nothing to worry about though! We then went onto the Post Office to post 3 RAKS and something for DH. While in RSMcColls I noticed they had my regular Papercraft Essentials so purchased it as it was a MUST. Have that to read tonight in bed. Before heading home, I treated myself to a lovely scrumptious looking fudge cream doughnut, mmmmmm yummy it was too!

This evening not done much, dealt with the kids and they are both in bed sleeping so off to make a card or two and think about what I'm doing for the Bookmark swap, Tag swap and Baby Card Swap! Amongst producing RAKS for people on CB Forum. Shall post piccies tomorrow!

Natalie x

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tiggertastic said...

sounds like a lovely day sweetie, hope your doctors appointment went well.

hugs, Sarah xx