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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Wedding Cards

Hope you are able to read this colour of font okay.

Here I am showing you a sample of what I did or my Thanku cards to the Wedding Party, from my very own Wedding, in March 2007, 9th!

I kept this dsign very simple using the method Triple embossing, flower punches and stitching with metallic silver thread and sequins.

Below the design I have hand stitched the writing of "Bridesmaid". I was well pleased with my results and very happy.


Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Can read the font fine hun.

That is gorgeous, love the design and hand stitching.


Cass said...

And so you should be 'well pleased' they are fantastic. Oooh I hate talented people, just kidding!

take care


CindyBee said...

Gorgeous card Natalie

Tullavilla said...

Your cards are amazing. I really love looking at your blog. Very inspirational!
Have just nominate you for an award on my blog.