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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Josh & Ava Brooke

My two Little Angels: Josh and Ava Brooke! Last week I had the most spectacular day spent with my son and daughter. We seem to be having some great days when Josh is off Nursery and has 2 days a week at home with me and his sister. We have recently though, found our Local Pittechar Park......duhhhhh! that's taken me like aaaaaages to find! Well, it was worth the late find and probably better that way now that summer has approached. Josh LOVES the park and utterly adores the SWINGS. Yesterday (Tuesday 1st July) Josh sat & swung on the one swing for at least 30 minutes. He thoroughly enjoyed himself as you can imagine! Kids are great! And I'm really enjoying "My Time" with Josh and Ava just now as right now I feel like the months are passing far too quickly, nevermind Days! Above is a piccie of my two beautiful Jewells from last week! Hope you like

x x

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Jules said...

such a beautiful picture hun, and so nice to read that you are enjoying the precious time you have with your children.