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Natalie x

Friday, 4 July 2008


I know I'm doing it again!!! Just a small peek of my
handcrafted Bookmark for Julys Swap based on the theme of "Fashion". The lovely Sarah-Louise
Mitchell is hosting this months so, have sent her a RAK of thanks!
My handcrafted bookmark started of with a plan of what it was I wanted to do but, not long before finishing it, it enveloped into something else! Something quite simple & beautiful too which, got me very I await to see what Sarah thinks as, my July Bookmark is on it's way to the beautiful host as I sit here and type.
Really enjoyed creating this last night, took me an hour to do! Now, it's given me an idea for the Vanity Challenge, as not started that yet. It is next on my list once done my craft pen pals birthday card - birthday next Tuesday (blingqueen).
Thanks for Peeking
Natalie x


tiggertastic said...

Hello sweetie,

Well from what i can see, your bookmark looks so pretty, i can see pink ribbon, and sparkles.

Thank you for your such kind comments hun, big hugs you are so lovely

Enjoy creating your item for the vanity challenge.

Sarah x

Tassie said...

That looks fab Natlie! Must get mine made.


Aims said...

This looks very pretty from the cheeky peek you have given us!


Tullavilla said...

It looks gorgeous, from the peek you've shown. Very pretty.

There's a little award for you on my blog.