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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Butterfly Fancies

"Butterfly Fancies" was made based on using an image from the Counry Diar of an Edwardian Lady. I couldn't quite find the right paper to combine it with until the I realised that I had this delightfully gorgeous butterfly paper, geven to me by my dear friend Sarah Louise aka tiggertastci - over on Cracfts Beautfiul Forum. I thought it worked perfectly well once put together and all needed doing was some basic and few details! I stitched on some pearl beads, a few pink transparent buttons and a opaque pink button and then used 3 small tear drop pearl beads to mirror the butterfly wings. Sequins were used on top of some organza and satin ribbona nd then finished witha beaded green flower.

1 comment:

tiggertastic said...

those pearls are so pretty i love the way you have added them to this card, and the paper does match perfectly, i am so pleased you liked it,

Sarah xx