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Natalie x

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Family Outing

Last weekend we took an afternoon out for a walk to the Brewster Bear place for a walk and get the kids out to run off some energy in the soft play area while we had a lovely peaceful, if you can call it that, drink! Josh then wanted to go outside to it's little park and just so pleased that we did as they enjoyed it soooo much more than th soft play inside. These are just some photos to share with you all as my wee angels are growing up ever so quick right now and their personalities are beauties even though they drive us up the wall too! There's nothing quite like a Big Brother & Little Sister enjoying paly time outside in apark and giving Mummy & Daddy so much joy and happiness to watch! This was such a precious time to me for you will see tht Avas' Big bro is helping her out cross the bridge to the slide, holding hands! he did this everytime so Josh did and it made me feel incredibly emotional to see him helping her each time! Showed me how much he loves her and wants to help her in his way! That holding hands bond is just pure and beautiful to see and made me smile hugely inside! Just how cute are they................................?
My Noisey but, Joyful Ava
My Two Angels: Josh & Ava xx


pinkpuppy said...

Such lovely photos Ava is so cute bless her, sounds like you all had a lovely time!

Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Your pictures are gorgeous Natalie and I'm so glad that you had a lovely time and Josh helping Ava out gave you a feeling of great joy. There our angels do that makes your heart all a flutter, Brandon has that effect on me all the time but I do understand the 'driving you up the wall' bit.
Michelle x

Heather said...

Lovely photos Natalie, looks like they were having a fantastic time!

Its moments like these that you just want to save in a bottle because they grow up so quickly, my children seem to be growing up all too quickly!

Heather x x

tiggertastic said...

what delightful photos to share, pleased that you all had such a lovely day, Sarah x