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Natalie x

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Up for Grabz

Well....What can I say! I really stupidy bought this magazine again which, I only just bought yesterday. I was meant to get the Papercraft Essentials instead but, the covers on both are very much the same so got confused and didn't think what I was ding. I only realised when I got home what I had done.....I then thought! "i'll just do a up for grabz on my blog and do a first come first serve". So, if you enjoy this particular craft magazine and have not yet got it and would like it along with the lovely free xmas papers please comment and, the first person to say that they do will receive this from me. If you are from CB Forum and are a member, who wins this, and are not on the RAK list please PM me with your address. Thanks for looking!
Natalie x

1 comment:

Phillipa said...

I love this mag and would happily swap it for some crafty bits!