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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Me and My Nephew

Well.....I just had to share these piccies! Here I am this evening after visiting my sister, bro-in-law, nephew and neice! Matthew James was just a wee star when I saw him. He was fast asleep whn I arrived but, not long beore I had to leave I saw his beautiful deep blue eyes! I was in my element cuddling into my gorgeous nephew. The smell of babies is just divine! What a very good baby he is too! I had a really good time visiting them and really loved seeing my sister too and my beautiful neice, Isla. I played with her too as it helped the parents a little too! Hope you like the piccies. I do not look brilliant as had been swimming beforehand and, had no time to make myself look resopectable!


tiggertastic said...

Such lovely photos, i really enjoyed reading your post. He is such a little sweetie, and 9lb 8.5oz wow.

Pleased your sister is well and i bet Isla was pleased to see you Natalie.

Take care hun, Sarah xx

pinkpuppy said...

O bless he so cute!

tcalamity said...

I'm newbie to your blog, hope you dont mind. what a cutie, I love babies. I have 4 of my own, well ages 13,12,5 and 1 all girls. nice to see a baby boy once in a while.
take care and i will be peeking in on your blog again.

Rosette said...

Thabnks hun for the kind comment on my blog. Thanbks ;) What wonderful pics, you are adorable with that baby.. Sooo sweet!! :)