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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My Kids

The other day I took the camera upstairs to take some photos of my two delightfull angels for sending on to family and friends and also, forphotos frames and albums! I managed to get some great pics of Josh & Ava together, thankfully smiling! And, thought I would share an update of their growth!
Above is my little girl Ava Brooke! Soon almost 1 years old, on 21st march! We are Inviting family over to her Afternoon Tea Party where there will be lots of cakes and yummy food and best of all lots of loving family to share it with her. This wwas taken 2 days ago and was our time together with her brother before they had to go to nursery.

Above is Josh Douglas Alistair aged 3 years and 11 months, soon turning 4 n 27tyh April! Where's the time flown???? I can remeber when he was just a baby and it is so very hard to look at him now and back then and think, is it the same person???? is it really???? Gosh! Wahat big boy he is now and just so adoreable too. My first baby and always will be my baby no matter how old he is! He has his mind on one thing, his stomach, and here he holds and sucks onto his lollipop aftepre-school!

And here they both are together above. What a lovely brother and sister they are to each other! Never seen anything so precious as this in my lifetime! Love you both Joh and Ava, always
x x x x


tiggertastic said...

Natalie you have had me awwwing and ohhhing over the photos and your words are so moving you manage to capture the moments so perfectly .

Thank you for sharing with us, hugs, sarah x

Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Gosh Natalie - they are lovely pictures and I can't believe Ava's birthday is on the 21st March as my DS Brandon is 3 21st March - we've chatted a little bit on the forum not realising that our kiddies have the same birthday ! Michelle x

Susie Little said...

wow , she's certainly turned into a stunner! xxxx

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Josh & Ava are both adorable! What a lucky Mom!



twiggypeasticks said...

oh my I can't believe Ava is nearly one, the last year has flown by. They are perfect poppets, out little fella is 4 in May!!!
Twiggy x