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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Miserable Day!!!

Oh what a miserable day it is here in the Magical Kingdom of Fife! Honestly, it is just shocking but, Fifers really can nt complain as we have had some Amazing weather recently!

What a funny morning I have had with Ava, she was up t 06:45am and was feeding funny, I am breastfeeding you see. Shall not go into it in detail but, she ended up sucking. I didn't get showered till later than normal and, wee Ava she didn't get her bath till later than normal either. Anyway we are up, washed and dressed. It's 15:10pm and I've still not had my lunch as we have no bread and I can not go out till DH gets home from delivering some frames to a gallery. ohhhh! I'm hungry!!!! Managed to organise Joshs' clothes for packing so just got Avas' and my own to do then, gather all the bits and bobs we need like; bottles, sterilizer, swimming gear, know the essentials!


Ickle Pickle said...

Congraulations on having two of your fab Amy cards published in the free CB card supplement Natalie :)

tiggertastic said...

Oh Goodness sweetie, what a day you have had.

Enjoy your holiday sounds like you need to relax a little.

Sarah xx

Max said...

Oh Natalie ... some days are just the pits aren't they?
Your ATC's (one of which I was lucky enough to receive :)) are just beautiful.