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Monday, 9 February 2009

Ava and A Bargain!

Here she is. My little princess Ava Brooke! This was taken two days when I got up with the kids, Ava woke at around 6;15am, very unusual for her! Anyway, decided to take some pics as need to give an update on her development. Ava is now over 10 months old, walking (least learning and each day she is becoming so much more confident too). Here Ava is feeding herself the lst couple of oz of her milk! So cute I thought! Hope you like the pics! Can not believe how much she has changed and she turns 1 on 21st March, gee where does the time go????

"Hello! All of Mummys' friend's!....I am having my milk & it's ever so yummy srcummy!"

Last Wednesday, I took Ava out on a short walk in the snow, all wrapped up of course, and we went to the post box to post a couple of things and get a tv mag and paper for DH! Whilst in the PO I stumbled across a DVD stand and there on the shelf was Miss.Potter! Priced at £6.99! I have never seen this before and have heard it's excelent so, it was a must have! I was even more so delighted to buy it as got to the counter and Marie said it's half I got this DVD for £3.48! What afab bargain this was and I can not wait to watch it too!


Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Aaawwww Natalie - how she has grown - she's beautiful - you are so lucky - Michelle x

Sequin Bead said...

Awwwww thanku very much Michelle darlin' just can not believe how much she has grown and is nearly 1, scary x

tiggertastic said...

Natalie these are such wonderful photos to share with us, she is so adorable. You are quite right the photo of her having her milk is so sweet and one to treasure

Enjoy your film, what a good price as well

Sarah xx

pinkpuppy said...

Ava is such a cutie, she has changed so much.

What a great bargain, haven't seen it yet myself, hope you enjoy it.