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Natalie x

Monday, 1 September 2008

Cardmaking & Papercraft

While I was out down at our local shops I went to the Post Office to post my Tag swaps to shelleyhope and something for my DH. While I was in there I just checked the shelfs for magazines I tend to buy for a read. To my delight I saw my regular buy of Cardmaking Papercrafts! So, obviously I bought it! I am ever so much looking forward to a good read of this. The magazine had a free embossing metal tool with it which I am more than likey not to use so, hopefully someone I know will want it who shall make use of it! If interested just post a comment here!


Rachel said...

Natalie, I would be interested in your metal embossing tool, I won't emboss with it but I have another use for it which I will not divulge

Sequin Bead said...

Delighted to hear that you are interested in this Rachel, I'll have it posted out to you in the next couple of days, oakie coakie?

Thanx darlin x

Ana Baird said...

Thanks for your comments on my card Natalie! The new issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft looks good.